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Double Auto-Change Cross-Line System
Since the chemical reaction of electrolysis deposits minerals in water such as magnesium and calcium, to the plate on the negative electrode side, after few years of usage, an electrode plate would be covered with minerals, that makes electrolysis difficult to occur.

Multiple Electrolysis Tank System with multiple platinum-plated electrodes
To achieve an electrolysis efficiency, a high powered electricity per water molecule is necessary. Our product employs multiple cell tanks to maximize electrolysis efficiency.
Switching Regulator Control System
The quality of tap water varies depending on the time of year, water temperature, the region, and so on. In order to process water of the consistent quality, a stable electrical current must flow through the water in the electrolysis tanks. Our product is equipped with the Switching Regulator Control System that gives priority to set the amperage and select the appropriate voltage automatically, to produce KANGENSUI of consistent quality.
Premium Micro-Carbon Cartridge
Filtering 7 tons of 13 substances *, specified for removal by the Japanese Industrial Standard, in common tap water.

The Micro-Carbon Cartridge is made of a fine-grained active carbon, which effectively absorbs turbidities and particles found in common tap water. With our innovative method, it filters13 substances*, specified for removal by the Japanese Industrial Standard, in common tap water. In addition, the filtration material of the cartridge is created to prevent clogging; therefore, it would not interfere a flow of water.
* specified substances for removal by the JIS S3201 testing method.
( Fine-grained active carbon) Carbonate porous materials with internal pores, absorbs 13 substances, specified by JIS, to remove from tap water.

■Non-woven Fabric
A porous sheet, made of three dimensionally structured fiber layers.
Twin Safety Valves
The instrument has a safety valve to prevent damage from excessive high tap-water pressure.
Drain Volume Adjustment Valve
KANGENSUI lets you adjust the ratio of KANGENSUI and the drain water. This also makes it possible to adjust the concentration of the KANGENSUI.
Color LCD Screen
The LCD screen turns in colors and clearly displays the processing water range, as well as the status of the instrument.