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Our products are capable of producing two types of electrolyzed water: KANGENSUI (Antioxidant Water) and Electrolyzed Acidic Water. It is also capable of processing Purified Water without being electrolyzed. Regular tap water can be used with a normal stream channel and shower channel, without detaching the instrument. Each type of water can be used for different Purposes.

KANGENSUI (Antioxidant Water) is hydrogen-rich alkaline water, generated by electrolysis, in the negative side of the electrodes. It is drinkable as is, and also can be used for cooking. Because it is effective for regulating a bowel movement and relieving stomach discomfort, especially recommended for people who suffer from constipation.

For Coffee and Tea
As well as drinking it directly, it brings out a taste of coffee and tea.
For Simmered Dishes
For simmered dishes like stews, it brings out the taste and flavor of the ingredients.
For Soup Stock
With Antioxidant Water, clear elegant tasty soup stock can be made.
For removing harshness
It can be used to remove harshness from vegetables.
For Cocking Rice
With KANGENSUI, rice is cooked to be soft and delicious.
Electrolyzed Acidic Water

Electrolyzed Acidic Water is oxygen-rich acidic water, generated by electrolysis, in the positive side of the electrodes. It can be used for face washing, hair washing, and skin care, as well as for house cleaning and hygienic purposes.

For Face Washing and Skincare
It can be used directly for face washing, and it also can be used with a steamed towel or a cotton ball for daily skin care.
For Dishwashing and House Cleaning.
Because it helps remove stains and dries fast, it is recommended for wiping as well as soak-washing of kitchenware.
For making a batter of Fried Food
Using it with a batter, tempura is cooked crispy and Juicy.
Purified Water

The Purified Water is unelectrolyzed water, which the JIS specified harmful substances are filtered. It is suitable for taking medicines and making baby formula with.

Raw Water

A normal stream channel and show channel on the Faucet Stream Router can be used for dishwashing, as well as for other purposes do not require processed water, with regular tap water.