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From safe and secure water to delicious water.
KANGENSUI is to enhance your healthy life.

Water, we use in your everyday life,
while closely related to our living,
there are many things we do not know about.

More than 70% of our bodies is water,
and more than 2 to 2.5 liters is replaced in our bodies every day.

The intake water acts variously in our bodies;
to carry nutrients, maintain body temperature,
and discharge unnecessary substances.
Water is vital "source of life" for human beings.

The 21st century that we live is "the Era of Water."
Today, many people purchase mineral water because it tastes good.
However, if you have more considerations for "safety of life"
and "well-being of your family,"
it is important to pursue "quality of water" for your daily use.

For better quality to your daily drinking water.