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Users' Voice

KANGENSUI have been supporting my healthy life.
It has been five years since my parents have installed a SANWA's product at their home.
I draw KANGENSUI from their machine into a number of pet-bottles, every time I visit them, for myself to drink as well as to make coffee and tea with it at home.
I start every morning with drinking a glass of cool delicious Antioxidant water.
Now I feel I became harder to get tired everyday. Moreover, I am no longer constipated.
I truly realize that KANGENSUI support my physical condition. I know for sure that I will keep using KANGENSUI for my healthy life!

All of my family feels healthy and fresh every day!
One of good things about KANGENSUI is that I don't feel heavy on my stomach even I drink a lot of it.
Ever since I have started to drink KANGENSUI, I have no trouble with my stomach condition. My husband is the same.
Also what I think of the reason why my younger son's skin is so clear and beautiful is probably because I had been drinking KANGENSUI during the pregnancy.

KANGENSUI has helped me a lot!
My parents are long time KANGENSUI drinkers, and I had been regularly getting it from their place for my chronic gastralgia.
However, I have decided to buy a SANWA's product for myself, in the wake of the 2nd pregnancy in 2010.
Not only drinking KANGENSUI, but also I have been soaking the vegetables in it to purely rinse off agricultural chemicals for my baby, when I cook.
I safely gave birth in October of that year. At the time, my midwife told me that how clear my amniotic fluid was.
Chronic gastralgia is very painful, especially for a pregnant woman who cannot take medicine for, but KANGENSUI saved me from that situation.
Now all of my family, four of us, are KANGENSUI lovers!

Take it with me everywhere!
Ever since I have installed a SANWA's machine at home, I carry 2 bottles of 500ml KANGENSUI to my office, and drink them up during the day.
Before drinking KANGENSUI, I had been habitually buying a pet-bottled beverage at work.
I keep a bottled KANGENSUI on my bedside for hydration at night as well. I believe that because of drinking KANGENSUI, I feel my physical condition in general is improved.
It is also a good surprise to my family that bad smell of defecation is almost gone.
I feel very lucky that I found KANGENSUI, and now I can't go anywhere without it!

A happy report from my daughter
My daughter, currently 4 years old, had been constipated from a newborn. Hard feces were causing her painful bowel movement.
However, ever since we have started to drink KANGENSUI in my family, her constipation seemed to be resolved, and her bowel movement is being regulated.
She seems no longer having an anal pain, and she now happily reports me " my poop was banana shaped today!" That just makes me relief and one happy mother.
Thank you KANGENSUI!

Always carry my canteen
I got to know about KANGENSUI in March of 2011, and I bought a SANWA's product right away.
Rice truly tastes better when cooked with KANGENSUI. Soaking fresh fish in KANGENSUI before eating it as Sashimi, takes off fishy smell as well.
I think I became ecological and economical by carrying my canteen of KANGENSUI, every time I go out. The truth is I just like drinking KANGENSUI!

Tell your friend and make them happy!
I believe KANGENSUI is the source of my healthy life.
Due to my obesity and hypertension, I had been seeing a doctor a few times a year. Around that time, a friend of mine introduced me KANGENSUI and SANWA's product. For that I am very grateful because as soon as I started to drink KANGENSUI on a daily basis, I noticed my physical condition has been improved.
Based on my personal experience, now I would like to tell other friends of mine about KANGENSUI.