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Professor Sanetaka Shirahata, at Kyushu University

Ph.D. At Department of Food Science, Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, 1978.
Study abroad as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Biophysics, School of Biochemistry, Oregon State University, U.S.
Since 1989, an Associate Professor at Kyushu University, and currently a professor of Agriculture, School of Life Sciences Division, at Kyushu University.
With Nihon Trim Co., Ltd., The collaborative development of double auto change cross-line system, (domestic and international patented) 1997.
Collaborative research with Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and published a paper internationally .

Interview of Professor Shirahata,
About his first encounter with Antioxidant Water, and a brief explanation of his point of most interest in researching Antioxidant Water.

Munenori Kawamura, M.D., the Hospital Director of Kyowa Hospital

Born in 1938 in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Ph.D in Medicine at Kobe University.
A special member of the Association for Comprehensive Medical Care and Health Research (nonprofit organization).
Focused on the effects on Antioxidant Water, produced by an instrument of Nippon Trim, from an early stage, and introduced it to the medical field for treating Diabetes and Atopy since 1985.
These days, his clinical reports of using Antioxidant Water, have gotten an attention not only from the medical society but also from various fields.