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Why use KANGENSUI(Antioxidant water)?

KANGENSUI helps you maintain your health, in spite of the stress and enviromental pollution you face in your every day life.

Oxygen radicals in your body can damage your health.

The oygen we take into our lungs when we breathe is carried to every corner of our bodies and becomes a source of energy. However, as part of this process, "oxygen radicals" are produced. These oxgen radicals bond with unsaturated fatty acids to form lipid peroxides, which contribute to medical problems such as aging, cancer, and hardening of arteries. It has been reported in recent years that oxgen radicals can even damage the DNA chian. In fact oxyegn radicals are thought to cause most of the diseases that affect modern people.

KANGENSUI eliminates oxgen radicals

so how can you reduce the number of oxygen radicals in your body? Vitamin C is well know for its ability to eliminate oxygen radicals. However, in the process of removing oxygen radicals the Vitamin C itself becomes oxidized, changing into a toxic substance. For this reason, taking excessive amounts of Vitamin C can actually be harmful to you. Fortunately, there is something that will eliminate oxygen radicals in a way that is both safe and effective: Antioxidant water