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KANGENSUI is alkaline hydrogen-rich water,
produced by electrolysis of water, helps eliminate oxygen
radicals and enhances your health.

Hydrogen rich water
KANGENSUI contains more hydrogen than regular tap water.
How do we know it? There is the measurement called ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential), which is a measure of the tendency of a chemical species to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced. A positive value in ORP indicates a tendency of oxidation, as opposed to a negative value in ORP indicates a tendency of oxidation-reduction. Oxygen itself naturally has a positive value in ORP, and hydrogen itself has a negative value in ORP.
Thus hydrogen eliminates oxygen radicals. Common tap water in Japan has a positive value in ORP. The reason tap water commonly have a higher ORP is because chlorine infused into tap water for sterilization, naturally has strong an oxidization effect. However, Antioxidant water has a negative value in ORP. Therefore, the same chemical element as H2O, Antioxidant Water is believed to have a strong potential for eliminating oxygen radicals because of having more hydrogen than a tap water.
Alkaline water
A common tap water in Japan usually indicates a neutral value of 7 in pH (a measure of hydrogen ion concentration, scales 0 to 14, 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline) or slightly acidic. The reason a tap water commonly being acidic is because chlorine infused into tap water for sterilization, is naturally acidic.
Intakes of acidic water or any acidic substances cause accumulation of oxygen radicals in the human body. Since human blood and body fluids are all alkaline, our bodies have a natural mechanism of neutralizing acid in our bodies and preventing from oxidation.
However, that body's natural mechanism may not be enough to reduce all the oxygen radicals we take in our modern life.
Therefore, intake of alkaline water helps that process, and Antioxidant Water has an alkaline value in pH (around 9.0 to 9.5 is generally suitable for drinking).
Safe and delicious water
With our products, KANGENSUI is not just "healthy water," but also "safe and delicious water."
All of our products are equipped with a purification cartridge of the finest quality in the industry. The cartridge removes commonly found pollutants in tap water, such as Trihalomethane, Residual chlorine, Mold odor, and Lead. There are not only harmful to the human body, but also can be a cause of strange taste and smell of water.
Therefore, filtering those substances, our products produce "safe and delicious" Antioxidant Water.
Principle of Electrolysis

Relationship between Reduction (Deoxidation) and Oxidation

Reduction (Deoxidization)

is compounding with hydrogen, losing oxygen, gaining electrons,
prevents iron from rusting.


is combining with oxygen, losing hydrogen, losing electrons,
iron to be rusted.